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New York has so many interesting places to go and things to see that sometimes it’s hard to pick just one favorite place. Like many children growing up in upper Manhattan, I loved Central Park and the American Museum of Natural History. This represented for me the most important landmarks of the city, I thought of them as my backyard and the best places to spend my childhood. Now my taste has expanded to include other favorite landmarks like the Whitney Museum of American Art ( moving downtown this spring) and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. These museums offer young people an opportunity to delve into art and history, and have fun.

Although convincing children to expand their artistic palette can be difficult, I remember taking my four-year old son to the opening tour of the Nubian exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where he complained the whole time. Granted I really didn’t want to miss this event and didn’t have a babysitter so I dragged him along. However, I thought this would also be a great cultural experience for him but every time the tour guide would pause, he would pipe in, “Where are the dinosaurs?” For him a trip to the museum was not complete without a few bones.

Although there are no bones at the Metropolitan Museum, he later discovered they had mummies, which was just as fascinating. This is what I love about the city. There are always new adventures around the corner.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Myra Consuela


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