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New York is hard to beat in the summer. Of course, there is the heat but then there is the cool breeze of art and culture beckoning from the parks and piers of the city. Even more important everything is free. Miss the latest movies from last year or want to see some great classics, they are probably showing at a park near you. There are concert by your favorite artists to enjoy or if you want to participate there is dance, art, poetry and more to keep you busy. For readers, libraries have special reading list and programs to take you on great adventures. When my son was growing up, I looked forward to the summer where I could enjoy concerts by some of my favorite artists while he played and was also exposed to some great classic, jazz, and pop music. This summer’s lineup can keep you busy everyday so pack a picnic basket, blanket and sunscreen and head outdoors for New York City’s Summer Extravaganza 2015.

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Celebrate Arthur Ashe Kids Day - the US Open on August 29!

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